Tom Morello Talks Possibility Of Rage Against The Machine Reuniting With Zack de la Rocha


Tom Morello seemed to shoot down any possible chance of Rage Against The Machine reuniting with Zack de la Rocha in the near future in a new interview with The Wall Street Journal‘s Speakeasy podcast, claiming that Rage Against The Machine lives on through Prophets of Rage. Alternative Nation transcribed Morello’s response to being asked about the possibility a new Rage Against The Machine album with Zack de la Rocha.

“There’s no Rage Against The Machine – right now, the burning embers of Rage Against The Machine, the cold embers, are now the burning fire of Prophets of Rage. Where Rage Against The Machine lives is this summer in these songs that we are playing. We have nothing but the greatest love, and honor, and respect for Zack de la Rocha, the brilliant lyricist of Rage Against The Machine, who is working on his own music, which I’m sure will be fantastic. He’s a great artist in his own right, but where you are going to hear Rage Against The Machine, is in Prophets of Rage.”

When pressed again if Rage Against The Machine will release a new album with Zack de la Rocha, Morello responded, “It’s a guarantee [that] Prophets of Rage [will be] playing Rage Against The Machine all summer long.” He also said that Prophets of Rage plan to record a couple of songs prior to their summer tour.