Tom Morello Reacts To Chris Cornell Murder Conspiracy Theories


Chris Cornell’s Audioslave bandmate Tom Morello has reacted to conspiracy theories surrounding Cornell’s dying by suicide following a Soundgarden show in Detroit in May.

Morello told Eric Blair that he’s had a “horrible” time dealing with the passing of Cornell, whom he called “a close friend,” “a great artist” and “one of the greatest rock singers of all time.”

When Audioslave reunited for a brief three-song set last January, Morello saw no signs of depression in Cornell. “He was great — he was fantastic,” Tom said. “He loved his life, he loved his family, he loved music, and it’s a tragedy.”

Tom went on to discount the rash of theories about Chris’s death that have surfaced online, saying that “the only sinister hand [at work in his passing] was his lifelong addiction that finally caught up with him.”

Morello recently revealed the existence of unreleased Audioslave music from the sessions for the three studio albums the band released. But he told The Pulse Of Radio that at this point he doesn’t know what will happen with it. “You know, we recorded music for Audioslave records, and then we recorded more songs than made those records, and I’m certain at some point it will come out but there’s no plans for it. We had talked about it when, you know, Chris was alive and we thought at some point there will be the right time to put it out. Now I don’t know that there’s ever a right time to put it out, but there’s no reason that it shouldn’t come out at some point.”