C.O.C Guitarist Talks Latest Album And Band History


Corrosion of Conformity or C.O.C for short are one of the most influential bands in heavy music. In their earily days they were one of the first crossover thrash bands and Once they put out Blind, they became a very unique mix of Sludge metal,70s rock and stoner music. I was recently able to chat with guitarist Woody Weatherman on such topics as there newest release No Cross no Crown.

How would you compare the latest album to the others and why did you choose the name No Cross No Crown for the title?

It went well. Very fun time recording. We got the title when we were playing near an old church and we saw those words printed on stained metal. We thought it would make a really good title.

What made you decide to choose The Ludite and Wolf Man Crows as the songs to choose videos for?

We thought the Ludite was a good song to introduce the album with. Very raw song and fun to play live.

I noticed you guys did anniversary line ups for Animosity, Blind and then reunited with Pepper. What me you deicide to cycle back through the band’s eras.

I decided to jam with the original 3 pieces and we enjoyed it and we played certain festivals and wrote new songs. At certain shows Pepper would play with and then it transitioned to this new verison with him back with us.