Tom Morello Reveals What New Rage Against The Machine Album Might Sound Like


Tom Morello was recently interviewed on Consequence of Sound’s Kyle Meredith With… In the interview, Meredith mentioned that Morello’s new album The Atlas Underground sounds like what a new Rage Against The Machine album might have sounded like in 2018, and Morello seemed to agree. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Meredith said, “It’s hard not to have that on the back of your mind, like this sort of sounds a little bit like Rage might have sounded in 2018.”

Morello responded, “Sure, sure. I’m the guitarist, so that part of it is one of the sonic cornerstones, and the subject matter. There’s certainly a lot to sing and rap about in 2018.”

Meredith brought up the 20th anniversary of The Battle of Los Angeles.

“It is certainly worth an Instagram post (laughs). Yeah, it is crazy, I’m actually sitting in my den right now looking at The Battle of Los Angeles Platinum record on the wall, that’s 20 years old. That’s nuts, time flies.”

He added, “Rage, Audioslave, and Prophets of Rage, and The Nightwatchman, it’s been quite a journey. The Atlas Underground is my 19th studio album, and if you include the two [Bruce] Springsteen ones in there, it’s pretty crazy. Those four Rage records were a huge part of that.”

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