Tom Morello Reveals What He Really Thinks About Limp Bizkit


Rage Against The Machine are seen by many as the innovators of rap rock, and Tom Morello was asked about this in a new Jim and Sam Show interview on SiriusXM.

Sam Roberts talked about people goofing on rap rock, and what it became in the late 90’s.

Morello said, “Because it’s awful for the most part. 98.9 non Rage Against The Machine percent of it.”

Jim Norton said, “Limp Bizkit though.”

Morello seemed to compliment Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, “That band has some hot riffs.”

Morello continues to work with rappers on his own brand of rap rock, including on his new album The Atlas Underground.

He told Music Radar, “I’ve known Wu-Tang for years. RATM toured with them in 1997, so we go way back. They are hip-hop royalty. Big Boi is someone I just met in the making of this record. The lyrical theme of the album is social justice ghost stories and the idea that the heroes and martyrs of past struggles can inform the present, lighting the way to a more just and humane future…”

“So I had this huge riff on the Bassnectar track and I contacted Big Boi saying, ‘This epidemic of police murdering African-Americans just has to stop and has to be commented on… are you down?’ He replied saying, ‘I’m in!’ When he was recording vocals for Rabbit’s Revenge, Killer Mike just happened to stop by so Big Boi text me asking if it would be okay for him to jump on the track. Of course I was like, ‘Uh, yes, that would be just fine… thank you!’”