Tool 2023 World Tour Revealed In Video


Tool have been somewhat silent as of late due to many different reasons, but it now seems that the band are gearing up to do something very big to make a run in 2023.

In a recent video, via Reddit, which had Danny Carey speaking – Tool (via Danny) have confirmed a tour coming our way this year. It looks like the band will be making all of this happen in February.

Some fans do believe that an album is to follow as well as one commentor said: “I don’t know if 100% is fair. They already toured fairly extensively for FI. When he says “big tour” I still think there is a chance of new music coming out. FI came out end of August 2019. It’s not out of the question they could release something new and start touring behind it in the fall. Who knows, maybe this time around they recorded in more secrecy, not a crazy thing to think!”

While there has been no talk about an album, and it does seem far fetched to believe that a new album will drop as well – it’s not out of the picture yet because, well, 2023 isn’t over yet and Tool are always pretty silent about anything that they do, so we don’t know until we know.

We are excited to see what the band have up their sleeves, even if it’s just a tour. Surely, the tour will sell out quickly.