Tool Apologize To Fans For ‘Frustrating’ Mistake


Nouseinaname1111 posted on the Tool Reddit, “TOOL Army VIP packages update 6/13/22

I reached out to TOOL Army about the delay in receiving the VIP package items from this past tour. In summary it appears that they were unsatisfied with the quality of some of the items and wanted them redone and that processing the orders for delivery should start later in June. Here is the response I received:

Thanks for reaching out to Tool about your VIP merch. We sincerely apologize to you for the ongoing delay in delivery of your 2022 TOOL VIP package merchandise. We experienced unforeseen setbacks in the production of the exclusive merchandise that comes with your VIP package. Due to our internal quality control process, we had to make more revisions of the merch prototypes than expected, which added to the longer production timelines with supply shortages and limited labor, (as affected by illness outbreaks and shutdowns).

We value each and every one of our TOOL Army members, and delivering a product reflective of the band’s high standards is of most importance to our entire team. Your order is confirmed, (we hope you enjoyed the live show), and all orders are expected to begin processing later in June 2022. Again, we apologize for the significant delay and understand how truly frustrating this experience may have been. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We hope that you are staying healthy and please let us know if you have any questions. Sincerely, The TOOL Army Support Team.”