Tool Change Studios For New Album Due To Bizarre Rumored Problem


Tool drummer Danny Carey has shared a new photo of his drum set at Henson Studios in Los Angeles. He wrote on Facebook, “This room is killer sounding!”

Tool had begun recording their new album earlier this month at Ocean Studios, with Maynard James Keenan finally joining the band as they had finally completed writing music to the new album. Keenan reportedly quickly was coming up with melodies and lyrics.

hellboy1975 posted on the Tool Reddit:

“A guy on the Fourtheye Facebook page said he overheard from Danny at the Baked Potato that they were having some issues with a buzz and had to relocate studios. It’s second hand info, but I imagine they moved from Ocean Studios to the Henson ones. Alternatively they’re tracking drums in a different venue, which is not entirely unusual.”

Tool guitarist Adam Jones recently shared a new studio photo of drummer Danny Carey with a burned drum head near a fire hose. Carey was wearing a Soundgarden King Animal shirt in the photo and when the incident took place.

Jones quipped that he couldn’t discuss in detail what happened until checking with the band’s lawyers. You can also view a photo of Carey inside the studio wearing the Soundgarden shirt before the incident took place below.

“~ um… I’m gonna check w our lawyers b4 commenting on this photo* #recording #Tool #CLOSEcall.”

Jones also recently shared a photo of Tim Dawson helping Tool in the studio.

“~ Our guitar/studio tech Tim @theacidhelps ? #Efficient #Diligent #Canadian.”

Tool recently announced that their new album would be recorded in analog rather than digital.

~ um… I’m gonna check w our lawyers b4 commenting on this photo* #recording #Tool #CLOSEcall

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