Smashing Pumpkins Reveal Bass Competition Winner: ‘It’s Full Circle’


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has announced the winner of a Yamaha bass competition. He also revealed the bass used on new Smashing Pumpkins recordings, and how it is the same one he played on early Pumpkins recordings. Jack Bates will be the bassist on the Shiny and Oh So Bright tour.

“Congrats to @julie.l.bernstein who won this @yamaha_guitars bass when attending the NYC-SP ice cream truck pop-up event! We used a Yamaha bass recording the new @smashingpumpkins songs, which is funny because the first bass used for SP was also a Yamaha. Full circle… #smashingpumpkins @smashingpumpkins @jackbass89 @jjjschroeder.”

Corgan recently wrote on Instagram, “Thanks to those who signed up for my Music Machine playlist on @Spotify thus far, as it’s off to a flying start and the feedback has been very positive. it certainly takes me back to the days (circa 1977-1994) of making mix tapes for friends on cassette.

In other news, @smashingpumpkins is set to make 2 videos (think part A and B) for our forthcoming EP’s. Exciting stuff!

On the solo front, I’m set to go back into the studio Monday (April 2nd) for 2 weeks, with an eye to finish save for strings and some additional overdubs. Like with SP, I’m starting to lean towards releasing this next solo work over 4 ep’s (which I guess you could argue makes for a double album in the aggregate), making the chance of all the work being heard and considered more likely. Which last I heard is still the point…
But that may also mark me as an antique, too. Or a relic if you are being kind.
Tra-la for now!

@jamesihaofficial @jjjschroeder @jackbass89 #smashingpumpkins #wpc.”

Check out this exclusive Alternative Nation video premiere below!