Tool Discuss Virtual Reality Experience And New Album ‘Coming Along’


The latest Tool newsletter has been released:

Being that there is no Tool news that I know of this month, I was going to blow off the FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER until I received the following email.


Hey Blair, I have been trying to access Tool chat today after about a 4 or 5 year hiatus and am unable to load the application. At first I was having issues with Java but fixed that but it still won’t load. I know once before about 10 or so years ago there was issues with the chat room so I am unsure if there are new issues I just didn’t know about or if it is something wrong on my end, I would really like to log on if I can as I have been coming here off and on for 16 years. If you can offer me any help could you shoot me an email? Many thanks!

BMB: First of all, I have to ask: What in the world have you been doing in the last 5 YEARS! that you are just now wanting to access the TOOL CHATS? Have you just come out of a coma? Were you kidnapped and held for ransom in a cave in the middle of a jungle? Were you taken by slicing-dicing space aliens for a few minutes? OR… were you simply going about living your life with things other than Tool Chat? If so to the latter… you, my friend, might have figured something out (Of course, you should still drop in to buy a cool tee-shirt every now and then.) With that said, to answer your question: Yes, I think that there might be a glitch with the chat rooms. But, since I am NOT the webmaster, and don’t know much about computers, including everything from “Asynchronous” to “Zettabyte” (NOTE: I am the WRITER and CONTENT MANAGER for the TOOL WEBSITES), I’m not sure if I can help you… other than to show you what Tool fans would be chatting about at this very time in history IF, in fact, the chats were working:

TOOLFAN068: For those who play the piano, which piece do you find to be the hardest to perform: Shostakovich piano concerto No. 2 (3rd movement) or Rachmaninoff Prelude in G minor?
TOOLFAN 3312: Both give me a little trouble – those Russian cadences! LOL
TOOLFAN4599: I just saw where seven earthlike planets were recently discovered (announced) by NASA orbiting a nearby ‘cooling’ dwarf star called TRAPPIST-1. In thinking about hypothetical extraterrestrial evolution, I wonder if any of these planets might have produced a band similar to TOOL!
TOOLFAN9989: I am fascinated by the subject of astrobiology and, in the spirit of an honorable debate, suggest that we discuses this idea further.
TOOLFAN1111: I have developed a special crop seed at my farm in Iowa that I would like to be deposited in the DOOMSDAY VAULT in the event of a global food crisis? Can someone tell me how to contact them? Thanks!
TOOLFAN7678: I know that the vault is located at the Artic Circle, You might try contacting ICARA, as they specialize in dry-zone seeds.
TOOLFAN066: Speaking of food, I’m making this (really challenging!) Bon Appetit Paella recipe, and could use some help in creating a sofrito?
TOOLFAN3320: I’m currently working on a Boeuf Bourguignon, but as soon as I get a chance, I’ll send you some advice that might help. Hang in there!
TOOLFAN3312: BTW: Flambeing can be tough at home LOL!
TOOLFAN1439: While patiently waiting for new Tool, IMHO, I just wanted to say that if you get a chance to see Danny with Volto!, you really should do so.
TOOLFAN 7678: I agree with you, especially when he and Kirk Covington do double drum solos at the ‘tator!’
TOOLFAN7774: Puscifer, too!
TOOLFAN 3318: How about a thread about recent scientific breakthroughs?

I hope this helps, e-mailer – it’s a pretty good sampling of the kind of things that might be discussed. And as for living one’s life like the e-mailer has discovered (after all, there’s so much else to do in February!), here are a few suggestions:

Your first kiss with a cheerleader using a Chinese Virtual Reality device that’s wrapped in lightweight Lycra. (Obviously, this one is for females.)

Enjoying the simple pleasure of watching a once tranquil cerulean blue sky being systematically covered by chem-trails through the 360-degree tracking of a HTC Vive.

Feeling the thrill of driving a sports car on a winding country road with the mind-blowing blending of Oculus 3D imagery!

Experimenting with the peripherals of a Windows 10 VR while watching grains of sand pour through an hourglass… or the immersive experience of seeing a clown on fire rolling in the grass with the same Holo Lens unit.


I sent this to the main “” email but it bounced. Guess that email is no good anymore. Anyway, here’s the message, and it’d be great if it could get passed on to Adam & the guys:I just wanted to send a “thank you” to the guys in the band for the decades of wonderful artwork they have created, and their continuing dedication to excellence.

With news of work on the new album coming along, I decided to revisit my own collection of Tool stuff that I have been building for the past 23 years since Ioriginally bought my first copy of Undertow all the way back in 1993.

Take a moment to check out my collection in the following IMGUR albums:

23 years of Tool stuff

23 Years of Tool Stuff (Pt. 2)

Like I said, this collection is 23 years in the making and I could not be more excited for the upcoming album. In these uncertain times and with all the negativity abound, I thought it pertinent that the band be aware of the positive influence they have had on myself over the years. It would mean a ton if this and the pictures of my collection get passed on to Adam &the guys. They deserve to know. Spiral out…