Bret Michaels Drops Sad Cancer Bombshell


Poison’s Bret Michaels recently stated that the recent passing of popular singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett, who died after a four-year battle with Merkel cell skin cancer, prompted him to see his own doctor.

On Tuesday, October 3, the Poison singer, who turned 60 in March has shared a post-surgery photo of the left side of his stomach, just above the hip, and he included the following message:

“Just knowing that I absolutely love the outdoors & the sun but with the recent passing of my friend Jimmy Buffett, I decided it was time for a more recent check up of something I thought was nothing. Turns out, it was something. But, thanks to an incredible discovery & biopsy by my doctor Darren West and a quick reaction for this procedure on Friday just before the Texas show, I’m here to say that there’s not enough words of gratitude for all that doctors do for so many of us which not only may have saved my life but surely extended it and, although not completely out of the woods yet, I feel strongly all will be great. Much love & gratitude to my family that encouraged me to get this check up.

“So…to all my friends that love the outdoors & the sun as much as I do – all I can say is, get checked so we can keep living & rocking the outdoors,” he added. “You are never out of the fight until the fight is out of you…Remain unbroken, my friends!”

Bret’s previous experience with skin cancer prompted him to announce in January 2020 that he would undergo treatment for the condition, which is typically caused by exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Although Bret did not disclose the specific type of skin cancer or the severity of his diagnosis, he expressed confidence in the care provided by “incredible specialists” and remained hopeful for a favorable outcome.