Tool Disturbing Announcement After Tragedy Revealed


Tool drummer Danny Carey has announced the death of his dog Levi, also known as Satchmo and Fatman.

“It is with a heavy heart I must announce the passing of my best friend and partner in crime Levi (Satchmo, Fatman) Carey. He lived a long full life and brought joy to everyone he met. RIP Buddy Boy.”

Fans paid tribute with messages on the Tool Reddit:

Sorry, Danny. Side note, apparently Danny blew out a tendon lifting this dog into bed years ago. Was almost the end of Tool.

Picture on the right is mega adorable, especially when you understand that the dogs owner is forever burdened with being a God of time. Even a time God needs a rest, and looks like that dog was a very good boy.

Friends and fans also weighed in on Facebook:

My 💜 hurts for you and your family! While you are on tour no less. Levi was the best boi. I remember when he went on an adventure and the TOOL community came together to help find him.

Deepest of sympathies on the loss of your beloved four legged friend. So sorry, Danny. Losing our loyal companion’s is never easy.

Sorry to hear about your loss DC. Losing a pet is the absolute worst. Glad to hear he was so loved and although he’s no longer with us he’s not forgotten. Perhaps you can incorporate his memory into a song?

Recently lost my doggo, too. A most painful loss. Crush the drums tonight at FirenzeRocks and dedicate it to him and the life of selfless love and companionship he gave you. And do it with a smile, like he’d want you to!

Maynard James Keenan recently announced that the new Tool album will be released on August 30th.