Paul McCartney ‘Collapses’ In Sad Photo With Wife


The Beatles iconic co-founder Paul McCartney would like to wish all of his fans – young and old, a very happy Valentine’s day. Sir Paul recently took to social media to showcase this photo, which was taken by his wife of him on the ground of his backyard holding an elaborate and stunning heart made out only the finest and freshest roses. You can view it below. Paul McCartney’s wife ‘gets wet’ swimming in photo.

In other news featuring Paul McCartney fans recently took to the music subreddit to discuss if any band/artist today become as big as McCartney and The Beatles were in the sixties? One fellow Reddit user, JD397 stated: “I feel like it is impossible for a band to become as universally known and loved as The Beatles were. I feel that without something like the Ed Sullivan Show to propel a single band to the entire country, no band today could ever hold all of the top five spots on the charts at the same time like they did or just be as famous as they were. Think that level of fame could ever be possible again?”

Paul McCartney’s backside grabbed’ in beach photo. To which another user responded: “Not possible. The music industry will never be as strong as it once was. Plus taste is much more democratized now, too many avenues for people to find music when there used to be so few. DaSilvaSurfa posted in response: “I’d have to agree. It’s like TV viewership. There are so many ways to watch TV and so much content that no show will ever see the numbers of the golden era. 70 million Americans used to watch Three’s Company every week. when the US population was 2/3 what it is now. 20 million watch Big Bang theory now and it’s the #1 show on TV.”

Paul McCartney ‘abandons’ terrible performance. Mechanical_Indian posted: “Unlikely but hard to say. It’s already been done. Before the Beatles the world had never seen anything quite like them. They were one of the first huge pop “boy bands” and somehow managed to move on from that very successful phase and be taken seriously as one of the most popular and influential rock bands of all time. They had definitely two and arguably three of the most talented and prolific songwriters ever. I don’t see that being replicated anytime soon. They were a part of so many big firsts that can never be replicated. And they came around at exactly the right time to take advantage of the still-new television and the very first worldwide transmissions of information.”