Tool Drop 2023 Return Bombshell With Video


According to various reports, roughly a month ago, Tool drummer Danny Carey hinted at “big” things to come with regards to the long-running L.A. band. He hinted at a potential tour or festival performance that had been planned, and apparently slotted for some time very soon.

As per Ultimate Guitar, Metal Injection indicated that rehearsals for Tool’s new plans may have already began. Various sources have likewise endorsed the speculation along with Tool guitarist Adam Jones sharing his footage of the band rehearsing “Rosetta Stoned” (which has been played only a couple of times in 2018-2019) alongside Carey and bassist Justin Chancellor, in which you can check out some brief footage of below:

Tool’s most recent show was an appearance at the Bonnaroo Festival last June, while the band had already wrapped up a U.S. tour three months prior.

Tool have reportedly been working on a new album, to which Carey insisted won’t repeat the 13-year-gap between 2006’s “10,000 Days” and 2019’s “Fear Inoculum”. Undeniably, the gap between the two album’s was substantial, and fans have now been made aware and can rest assured that they will be treated to more continual music from Tool. 

Tool fans watch out. The band that you have longed to hear is back – and perhaps better than ever.