Tool Drop New EP Release Bombshell To Fans


Tool is one of the revered musical groups. The group that has Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones, Justin Chancellor and Carey are known for their amazing music. The group knows how to connect with its fans. It looks like they have found another way to do it this time around.

Danny Carey of the group has shared that they will release an EP. It comes as a surprise that this would not be an album. They shared their fifth and recent record, ‘Fear Inoculum’, in 2019 which came 13 years after its original 2006’s ‘10,000 Days’.

NME reports that Justin Chancellor teased about an LP in October last year. The band is getting ready to record music, but haven’t recorded anything yet. Justin informed the users on The Vinyl Guide podcast that the ideas are in place for a new recording. Chancellor and Carey were interviewed by Revolver where they revealed more information on the current work by the band.

Chancellor said, “It’ll be different this time. Everyone’s life is different, and everyone’s expectations are different. Time is precious now, so you try and look for ways to be more efficient with the process. We’ve had a lot of discussion about that and how we can bring a new record to fruition in a slightly different way.” Carey added more details into this when he talked about how the things are planned.

He said, “Our filter system is pretty intense. If it gets by the four of us in the band, then we figure it’s going to work. It’s a really painstaking process that we go through to finish [an album], and get it where we are all completely convicted. It pays off in the long run because we never really get tired of performing our songs. It gives rise to a vehicle that we can all believe in.”

Carey didn’t stop there as he talked about change. He said,”Who knows? It could flip-flop and we could just go back to doing an Undertow [type of] record. That’s kind of appealing to me. I always like change, whatever direction it goes.”

Tool members are free agents now. It means that they have the liberty to do things as they see fit. The fans would love to hear their music because they love it. The band has always given them something phenomenal and it would be interesting to see what they have planned for their listeners.

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