Mick Mars Gets Win In Motley Crue Legal Battle


Mick Mars may have partially won the lawsuit against Mötley Crüe. This comes after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant ruled in Mars’ favour on Tuesday. The judge ruled that the band had no right to hide the details from their former bandmate while also planning to remove him from the band.

Rolling Stone recieved the ruling details in which the judge said that a lawsuit was the only option left for the guitarist. The judge also noted that the band took eight months to make a final, sizable document dump for Mars. It happened last month and so this entire attempt by the band was taken down by the judge.

The judge ruled saying, “The requests were not burdensome. Yet, Mars was compelled to file suit, and it appears plain that production would not have occurred without it. Mars is entitled to attorney fees.” Mötley Crüe said that the documents shared on November 2 were “all of the responsive documents.” The judge found those claims to be false as articles of incorporation and income tax returns were delivered in early December among 1,372 pages of records.

Mötley Crüe considered the Mars’ lawsuit was now “moot” ruling as a victory for them, but the guitarist’s lawyer Ed McPherson told Rolling Stone some details that seem otherwise. He said, “Finally, somebody, somewhere told these guys they can’t bully Mick anymore. We’re in the middle of a huge arbitration that will ultimately decide if Mick has to give up his shares or not, if they did things properly or not. Obviously we claim they didn’t do anything properly. But they feel that they’re above the rules. And that’s what this lawsuit was about.”

Ultimate Guitar reports that Ed McPherson had more to say about this matter. He added, “This was them feeling they were above the rules, and this judge saying, ‘No, you’re not. And you may have given all the documents now, so there’s nothing left for me to do, but, you’re going to pay for it. I think that’s a pretty huge victory for Mick. If they want to claim a victory, that’s fine. But this is someone finally telling Mick, ‘No, you’re not crazy. These guys are bullying you. And we’re not going to let it happen.'”

Mick Mars believes that the band has betrayed him. He spoke with Rolling Stone last year and said, “When they wanted to get high and fuck everything up, I covered for them. Now they’re trying to take my legacy away, my part of Motley Crue, my ownership of the name, the brand. How can you fire Mr. Heinz from Heinz ketchup? He owns it. Frank Sinatra’s or Jimi Hendrix’s legacy goes on forever, and their heirs continue to profit from it. They’re trying to take that away from me. I’m not going to let them.”

The situation between Mick Mars and Mötley Crüe tells us that even though there would be people with us at all times, not everyone has things in our best interest. It is therefore important that we pick up the pieces and try to make sure that those around us value us for who we are instead of taking advantage of us.

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