Tool Fan Claims Woman Harassed At Show For Sad Reason


Tool are yet again banning shows at their concerts, as is usual with Maynard James Keenan’s other bands as well, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. Fans on the Tool Reddit claimed they saw 50 people get thrown out at a recent show but security, and they claimed a woman who wasn’t even on her phone was harassed by security.

hydroedge posted:

Holy fuck the security tonight. Probably saw 50 people get thrown out for cell phones. Chick in front of us got harassed and she wasn’t even on her phone.

Outofideas8008 posted:

Yeah security can be dicks I saw a guy get tossed out of APC when I saw them. Rules are rules tho. I like the fact they want people to enjoy the experience like a human being. Sure maybe there are some financial incentives like selling bootleg tapes (it ain’t 2000 anymore) or getting money off YouTube advertisements. Maybe they don’t want the experience ruined for people who haven’t seen them before. Who knows.

hydroedge posted:

I don’t mind it. It’s my second time seeing them. I just wanted to enjoy the music. Last time I saw them security was much more laid back. I felt distracted from the music because of the intensity they were going after people though.

Rehab_Monster posted:

Yeah, security was TIGHT last night, which was nice. Made recording Stinkfist that much more enjoyable when we were all allowed to do it. I was in ZA and they weren’t playing around even at 7, an hour before All Souls came on.