Tool Fan Reportedly Gets Hired: ‘I Got The Job’


There is certainly benefit from being a Tool fan. One of the fans, in particular, actually landed a job after wearing the band’s shirt during their interview.

Fan got the job after wearing Tool shirt

Wearing appropriate attire during a job interview can have a larger effect on the outcome than most would think. However, one of the fans had plans which was out of the box and even cracked the job interview.

According to the 2006 Job Outlook from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 87 percent of hiring managers said that an interviewee wearing nontraditional clothing had an effect on their decision to hire the individual [via Chron].

However, sporting a band shirt seemed to work in this particular person’s favor. The fan took to Tool’s Reddit page last week to share their experience, noting that they actually had the fandom in common with their interviewer.

“After an hour of talking, the recruiter said, “I just have one last question, what is [your] favorite Tool song? Because I’m a huge fan myself!'” I really want this new job now!” they wrote. In the comments section, they added that they’re a programmer, which apparently tends to have a more casual dress code, and the recruiter for the job was wearing a Church of Misery shirt during the interview themselves.

Fortunately, the Tool fan got the job, according to another update they posted on the forum earlier today (July 7). “I told you about a week ago that I had a job interview, and I was wearing a tool T-shirt. And you know what? I got the job!” they shared.