Tool Fans React To Release Of Reported New Album IllutionWorld


A Google alert went out today to Tool fans reporting that a new album by the band titled IllutionWorld was released today featuring the songs Illution Pt. 2, Tosis, and Chillin&emo.

It turns out it is actually a new album from a rapper named TOOL$. Psycho-Tic posted on Twitter in response, “Google nearly gave me a heart attack when they sent me a notification saying ‘New Album by Tool.’ Turns out it’s from some soundcloud rapper named TOOL$. OK @Google, go fuck yourself.”

hellboy1975 posted on Reddit, “Subsequent posts about this ‘news’ will be removed.

It’s a very safe assumption that the first news you hear of an actual Tool album will come from official sources, not from a message pushed to you via Android.””

HostageofGeography posted on Reddit, “I was kind of liking their new sound: 😀 Must admit that notification freaked me the f out, but Reddit came to the rescue when I couldn’t think logically and was contemplating cancelling all my work meetings, and booking the week off to lock myself in a room to listen to these new tracks. Thank you for saving me from this, Reddit.”

View the news alert below.