Tool Guitarist Reveals If He’s Done Recording New Album


Tool guitarist Adam Jones has shared a new studio photo, and he is still not done recording his parts following Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor reportedly finishing their tracking.

“Thank you so much @sideshowcollectibles for the Epic #WolfPredator Bust ~ One of my favorites ?? ~ a sick addition to all the good studio recording vibes* ~ #StereoScopic #predator #Tool #recording ~ So many friends that I admire have worked on the Predator Franchise @stanwinstonschool @legacyeffects @stevewangcreaturecreator @thestudioadi @tom_woodruffjr @alec_gillis @hydraulxvfx @colinstrause”

On the Tool Reddit, Gaspar_Noe responded by posting a topic titled: “Adam is STILL recording…”

StarJelly08 commented:

“One year ago ‘tool STILL isnt recording’. Today ‘tool is STILL recording’. Next year ‘the album is STILL out’.”

Gaspar_Noethings commented:

“Considering that they enter the studio in April (on-off), I’d say that mid August is ‘still recording’. I know they aren’t Led Zeppelin, who can cook an album in a week, but still it’s quite some time.”

StarJelly08 commented:

“Not particularly actually. They have always taken a number of months from start to finish, they had a number of career obligations since starting, they had to change studios, and they are older and have families and more shit to do. We also dont know the content of the album. Maybe its way more complex or more instruments/new things. Maybe its a double album. Who knows really. Its going about the rate i expected. Id guess adam is pretty soon. Next week or two. But who knows.”