Tool Lose Important Name On 2022 Tour


Beloved alternative-metal band Tool just got finishing their final United States date for their Fear Inoculum tour. The group will be performing internationally for their next leg of tour dates with their next show to be held at Cophenhagen Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark. That concert will be held on April 23rd and is already sold out as is Tool’s first three international dates.

This Tool supergroup was finally revealed. However, one member of the group’s extended family that will not be there is crew member Stephen Walsh, Tool’s monitor engineer – Tool bandmate, Adam Jones took to social media via Instagram to explain the situation at hand with the caption that can be seen below.

“Last show of the U S tour in Cleveland, Ohio. This band/crew group photo was to show we all miss and love our bestest monitor engineer Stephen Walsh who had to leave the tour early due to health reasons.  Bass tech/photographer Scott Dachroeden aka @inautonomy (*pictured all the way on the right side) hit the timer then tripped & ate s*** running back into the shot.   ~ Enjoy ”

Rock fans have been raving about Tool’s most recent album – Fear Inoculum. Over on Amazon, one amateur reviewer proclaimed: “For perspective, I bought my first LP in 1965 (Lovin’ Spoonful) when I was 15 and of the 1,000’s of CD’s that I own by hundreds of recording artists there is no band, act or singer other than Tool whose recordings compel me to listen to every recording in its entirety…I have never skipped over a song on any of their recordings. Fear Inoculum is no exception. ”

The reviewer would continue to say: “I missed this the first time around and balked at the scalpers charging silly prices in the hope that the band would eventually be releasing a regular, reasonably priced version but when this became available on Amazon a couple of days ago priced at a still steep $49.98 I bit the bullet. While I’m still having doubts about the price for packaging with a cool video screen and a video I’ll likely watch once or twice, I rationalize the purchase judged on the musical content which is mesmerizing. They’re older, richer, and not as angry as they once were but their intensity and sheer ability to demand my attention are intact and my advice is to close your eyes, click on the buy now button, and enjoy.”