Chris Cornell’s Ex-Wife Details Layne Staley & Seattle Tragedies


Chris Cornell’s ex-wife and Alice In Chains manager Susan Silver discussed the ‘difficult times’ Alice In Chains have faced over the years, which include Layne Staley and Mike Starr’s deaths, and Andy Wood’s death, in a new video filmed at Alice In Chains’ pop up shop.

“Here we have four original show posters from back in the day. What I love about these two is they were opening for a wonderful band of friends called Mother Love Bone. The singer of Mother Love Bone, sadly we lost. They got a new singer, and they practiced under the name Mookie Blaylock, and then that band became Pearl Jam.”

“This is Alice’s first promo shot. Back in the day when I had another partner named Kelly Curtis who then went on to manage Pearl Jam, and still does.”

“When the band signed to Columbia Records, this was the first album to come out [Facelift]. The single was ‘Man in the Box.’”

“So what we’ve done is started in the early days, and gone on to take you through the history of the band. The highlights, and the difficult times, which this band has faced many of over the years.”

“This was a pivotal moment. Moore Theatre show, which was then captured on back then VHS, bundled with the record. That blew the numbers out the door, and put the band on the map. What I really want to stress is what people don’t know about these guys is they have a wicked sense of humor. This is their first MTV Headbanger’s Ball, the place they did it was in the Hollywood hills at a burnt out mansion. As you can see, why not roll with it?”

“On the Van Halen tour, their first big big tour, they surprised the guys, Van Halen did their own duck walk across the stage, and turned around to find, hello!”