Tool Member ‘Leaves’ 2020 Tour In Stunning Photo


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan left the band’s tour briefly during a short break before an Australian run to work on his new Puscifer album. He wrote, “Doin stuff. #puscifer2021 #fairlightcmi @matmitchell @carinaround.” A Guns N’ Roses member joining Tool in rehearsals was just revealed.

Kaiowas87 discussed meeting Adam Jones on Reddit as he arrived in Australia for Tool’s tour. They wrote, “They’re playing in my town Friday night. I was walking through the city and saw a long grey haired guy with sunglasses. Thought he looked a bit like Adam Jones as he passed me and when he stopped at the lights to cross, i saw his face asked if we has… And it was him! I’m still kinda shocked. We just had a chat about the show and my city (Perth, Western Australia etc.) Was really weird to meet him, i didn’t know what to say other than I’m huge fan and really looking forward to the show.”

They added, “Kind of regretting not asking for a photo, but I’m generally not a selfie guy or anything.”

Docktergaskit commented, “I know how you feel. I ran into him in Vegas at the neon museum and had a bit of a chat. Didn’t ask for a photo because I didn’t want to cause a scene and don’t really like photos myself. Probably should have at least asked for a ride in his van back to the strip as he left. Lol.”

That_Random_Kiwi said, “Rad!!! Once bumped into the anthrax guys waaaaaay back in the day… we were out skating early in the morning (13 years old I think), they’re were still partying from the bought before hahaha.” A Tool member ‘goodbye’ message was just revealed.