Mick Jagger Ripped By Big Name For Bedroom Performance


Mick Jagger reportedly wants a new mattress on his hotel beds every night while on tour, and bed heavyweight Mattress Mick has taken a hilarious shot at Jagger. Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx revealed yesterday why he was arrested at a The Rolling Stones show.

Mattress Mick tweeted, “I hear that MICK JAGGER is looking for a new mattress because he CANT GET NO SATISFACTION . A new Irish Made Mattress from me will sort the problem . Give me a call MICK. Cheers.”

The Mail reported on Sunday that Jagger demands a hotel staff member sleep on the bed for one night with the plastic wrapping on on the mattress to break it in. An insider said, “Mick always asks for a new mattress in his room, no matter how posh the hotel.

“It’s an unusual request but, hey, he’s Mick Jagger. Does he need a new mattress every time? Why not?”

Keith Richards brutally insulting Mick Jagger was revealed a few days ago in a film. The Rolling Stones fans recently speculated on IORR.org on where the band could tour in the coming years.

MailExile67 said, “I think they’ll could come back in South Africa next year for a couple of show…then I think Iceland in Europe, Korea in Asia, Ecuador in South America and Costa Rica and a Caribbean island…”

Palace Revolution 2000 posted, “When viewing the late era tour itineraries, one can easily see that there was much thought put into the actual venue around key cities. To maximize accessability from surrounding markets, and cram as much bang for the buck into a few days. Set up in a stadium with massive parking, and check New Jersey, NYC, Syracuse, Providence. Or set up in the desert for 3 daYS out west and basically do LA, Vegas, Reno, Oakland.
Not much character to those shows; efficient.”