Paul McCartney Painful ‘Teen Girl’ Photo Revealed


Iconic co-found founder of The Beatles, Paul McCartney recently took to social media via Instagram to issue the following statement on the death of all-star basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, thirteen-year-old daughter and seven other people that perished in a helicopter crash on Sunday morning crash outside Los Angeles, California. Paul McCartney sad beach photo reveals weight loss.

So sad to hear about Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and their friends. He was a great player and a very impressive human being. Sending many blessings and much love to all his family at this most difficult time. Love Paul

In other news regarding Paul McCartney fan recently took to social media to discuss the legacy and impact of one of Sir Paul’s most highly regarding live albums – ‘Paul Is Live’. One fan put: “I’ve always liked this album. When I first made the switch from Vinyl LP to CD the first two CDs I bought were Paul McCartney “Off The Ground” and “Paul is Live” in early 1994. I like the mix of Beatles, Wings and solo tunes and I especially like the “Off The Ground” tunes done live. The Boulder tunes were from a concert not far from where I now live. My cousin was in the audience at the concert in San Antonio, TX where this version of “My Love” came from. I like hearing the soundcheck take of Paul’s version of “I Wanna Be Your Man” for the first time ever. I love Ringo Starr’s Beatles version. I also like the fact that Paul’s version of the Lennon-McCartney penned song is a different arrangement of the song. Paul’s voice is a bit hoarse in some points, especially on the opening tune “Drive My Car”, but that does not change the fact that this is a five-star album!” Paul McCartney caught wearing this terrible wig in photo.

The fan continued: “My favorite Paul McCartney album is 2002’s “Back In The U.S.” in support of the “Driving Rain” album. I think Paul was at his peak vocally on that tour, which I was fortunate to see live. It is the best concert I’ve ever been to! Second is 2019’s “Amoeba Gig” (for which I also posted a review) recorded in 2007 at Ameoba Records store in Hollywood, CA in support of the “Memory Almost Full” album where Paul is in great voice. This excellent 2019 Remaster makes “Paul Is Live” sound even better than it did before. The tongue-in-cheek CGI album cover (on which the dog is Arrow one of the offspring of Paul’s dog Martha of “Martha My Dear” fame) patterned after The Beatles “Abbey Road” album cover is meant to have a double meaning.” Paul McCartney reveals what Howard Stern did to his wife.