Tool Member Stuns Fans With Cryptic Photo


Tool fans were stunned, amused, and confused by a new post Maynard James Keenan made on the Puscifer Instagram! Keenan appeared to be referencing Game of Thrones and Harry Potter.

“Winter is to coming
To helm’s deep

Should the white wizards breach the wall,
Who shall ride the dragon, smaug to
Victory over the night King Sauron
And restore order to the realms of men?


Below are fan comments:

“Yike Maynard…. think people were salty about the cricket track you are really kicking the virgin hornets nest here eh?”

“My favorite scene is when Boromir steals the Goldeneye from the Lannisters.”

“@puscifer I hope Aragorn can bring all the 7 kingdoms together to destroy the real undead enemy; Marketing…

“Harry Pothead is the shit. True films are over. Nothing has surpassed the classic Harry Pothead and The Puscifer Bone.”

Maynard James Keenan recently announced that Tool would release their new album in mid-May to mid-July, though June or July is looking more likely as we haven’t yet heard official news, though the band could surprise us with an announcement soon about a May release. Tool are set to play North American festivals in the spring and tour in Europe this summer.