Tool Member Wife Tight Leather Outfit Photo Leaks


Tool guitarist Adam Jones’ wife Korin wearing a tight leather jacket at a WWE show photo recently resurfaced. A Tool member’s wife recently revealed a tight shorts photo.

Jettech79 recently posted on Reddit, “Opinion on Rosetta Stoned. Many years ago, when I first listened to RS, I didn’t immediately get it. It was that song that sounded “heavy” for the sake of sounding heavy. My young ears just picked up the sound as a whole, and it just kind of lingered there for awhile.

In recent years, I dug in to the 10k days album, and the more I listened to RS, the more I realized just how great this song is. The way the song is composed is simply amazing. The time signatures, that drum roll, the climax lyrics leading up to ‘but I forgot my pen’….fuck….Structurally , I feel that this is the greatest song Ive ever heard. Am I crazy?”

Pforan00 chimed in, “Easily my favorite song by TOOL, in fact the trilogy of Lipan Conjuring, Blame Hofman and Rosetta Stoned is one of my favorite pieces of music of all time. It feels like a movie in music. The story telling of all of it is phenomenal.”

Jettech79 wrote, “I love Pneuma. Its weird to try to pick a favorite Tool song. There are so many who became my favorite for different reasons. When I say RS is my favorite, I feel that I have Descending/Stinkfist/Parabol-la/ looking at me like Im a fucking traitor.”

Tool are back touring in Australia after a short break following their January 2020 North American tour leg concluded. Maynard James Keenan recently called out Grammys disrespect.