Robert Plant ‘Banned’ From Performing With Jimmy Page


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page discussed being banned from playing with his bandmates Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham for 5 years at an icon venue in a new social media post. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant being brutally disrespected on a plane was just revealed.

Page said, “On this day in 1975, I planned to play Boston Garden with @ledzeppelin. On researching for my website, I discovered that on January 6th 1975 there had been an incident at the Box Office at Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts that had involved a sale / non-sale of tickets to thousands of fans.

Police were called and it all ended with the scheduled Led Zeppelin show being cancelled by Mayor Kevin H White (who saw red) and, even more, there was apparently a five-year ban put on the band playing the venue. I was blissfully unaware of any of these shenanigans, but the Mayor was, by all accounts, a Rolling Stones fan! I played in Boston again in 1995 at The Fleet Center with Page & Plant.”

Page also recently posted, “On this day in 1964, My Baby Left Me by Dave Berry and The Cruisers was released. It was recorded in Decca Number Two Studios in West Hampstead, London. This was one of those sessions with guitarist Big Jim Sullivan. He was one of the seasoned sessioneers and I was the new kid on the block. But on this I played lead guitar.

Dave Berry was known for his unusual delivery and unique stage presence in a live situation. His musical taste was also quite eclectic. He probably knew this number by Big Boy Arthur Crudup, as well as Elvis Presley.” Jimmy Page’s girlfriend revealed a backside photo last week.