New Tool Album Is Going Dark: ‘I’ve Tried’


Blair has posted the following newsletter on Tool’s official website, where he details how the band are going dark in regards to shutting out any real updates on their new album, even refusing to tell him what’s going on:

Well… I haven’t heard a peep pertaining to studio updates so make of that what you want. I know that it’s pretty typical in the ‘Tool world’ to be kept in the dark when projects such as recording sessions are ongoing, so what can I say? I’ve tried to get something… anything. I even checked out Hellboy’s fourtheye website to see if he managed to get wind of anything via the Net, but evidently he hasn’t. Keep checking, though ( With that mind, I guess I’ll go have a couple of beers while playing video poker. Should Danny decide to pay me a visit (which he threatened to do a few weeks ago during my visit to Los Angeles), I’ll see if there’s anything that he can say on the record…about the record?

Unrelated to the recording process, I’d like to pass on “thanks!” from the folks involved with the republishing of Donald Beaman’s “Tarot of Saqqara” deck to those Tool fans who contributed pledges to the crowd-funding campaign. Good job! They’re funded, but might still have a few perks left for those who wish to donate:…

Also, there’s something coming up…