Ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist Spotted At Pool With Courtney Love


Ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers and current Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro has shared new photos of Courtney Love attending his pool party on Instagram. View the photos below.

Dave Navarro discussed mental health issues in a recent Yahoo interview.

It’s a cause that’s extremely important to Navarro, who tells Yahoo Entertainment, “As someone who suffers from mental health issues, suicide has been a viable option in my past,” and notes, “We have lost a lot of friends this year, due to mental health issues.”

Navarro is referring to, among far too many others, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, who both died by suicide last year. “I don’t have any insight as to what their mental health issues were or weren’t, so I don’t want to lump them in that category. … I’m not a doctor. I can’t sit here and say what they did and didn’t have, and what caused them to do what they did,” he muses. “But I would say that going to Chris Cornell’s funeral and seeing Chester Bennington sing a beautiful song for his friend, and then [Chester] taking his life a month later, really had a massive impact on me. … I couldn’t help but be brought back to the times when I had felt that lonely, that desperate, that suicidal, and I just want to change the playing field [with Above Ground] and let people know that there are options out there. [Suicide] isn’t the final answer. It’s OK to reach out for help.”

Poolside Sunday with @jamrz and the Queen! @courtneylove

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  • where are we

    Hey Dave don’t forget when you’re worshipping Satan killing yourself is cool…
    Holding your little pentagram you look like a complete tool and a fool try thinking with your own brain loser… don’t you think the company you keep might have something to do with your mental health issues… Man I could go on for an hour or so I’m just going to tell you you’re a complete idiot I think you know the rest

    • Cunt Fuckula

      Exactly. Dave Navarro is — and always has been (heh) — one of the biggest poseurs in music.

      He routinely trolls Facebook for underage fan girls to hookup with in NYC, then throws a temper tantrum like a little bitch when they shut his poseur ass down. He might be able to bang Courtney if he really tried, but then who hasn’t at this point?

      • Katie

        And obviously… you routinely troll HIS Facebook page in order to promulgate your gossip and opinions… which is kind of disturbing.

        • Cunt Fuckula

          I’ve actually never been to his Facebook page. But there’s a whole Facebook group out there of message exchanges from him with young women that shows what a creep he is.

          • Katie

            Ok, well I don’t have a Facebook page and do not frequent Facebook. But now that you’ve explained it, what you said makes more sense now.
            I do not hold your opinion, but I understand your opinion better.
            I apologize. Peace

    • Katie

      Ok, most of the time I let shit slide… but not today.

      For your information, a Pentacle has to have the fifth point facing DOWNWARD in order to be considered a Satanic Pentacle. For many humans who have an Earth-Based Spirituality… the Five Points on a Pentacle stand for Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit… and the Spirit point is ALWAYS facing up, standing for the person’s wish to ascend to a Higher Spiritual Plane.

      Also… in both the photo above and the photo in the thread showing Dave suspended, once again the Pentacle has the fifth point facing UP, the Pentacle also has a Christian Cross clearly displayed as it should be, in other words NOT an inverted cross, which is another Satanic symbol for some groups.

      In the photo with Courtney, Dave clearly has the Pentacle displaying respect to a proper Christian Cross, and a positive Pentacle Symbol for Earth-Based Spirituality. With the aqua-blue ties, it seems apparent that he deliberately tied it that way as well.

      If Dave wanted the whole world to point the “Devil-Worshipper” finger at him, I’m certain he would have tied that Pentacle on in reverse. But he didn’t. Pretty brave IMHO, it means he’s saying in some way that he both believes in Christ AND in some form of Goddess figure in his personal Spirituality. I understand this, and believe me it’s not an easy life to live. Brave… but not easy.

      Dave Navarro had to deal with his own Mother being shot to death by an angry ex-boyfriend when he was very young (16). He’s battled with substance use issues his whole life. I read what he had to say and what he said was wonderful. I wish more people thought about mental health issues like he does.

      Next time you wish to go blowing your uninformed big mouth off about something you know so little about… I suggest you do your research first… Fool.

      • where are we

        research before you blow your big fat mouth anymore take a look at a Baphomet picture and look what’s on his head wow it’s amazing it’s the five pointed star pointing up… Anybody who gives a damn what Dave Navarro has to say is probably a complete idiot like him

        • Katie

          I’m completely aware of who Baphomet is. Thanks. Has it ever occurred to you that some people might get tattoos that they regret later in life?

          • where are we

            .. a mistake … You mean like that Brimstone tattoo on the neck the same one as in the satanic bible …I guess yeah you’re probably right I’m sure he’s a good person really down to earth… Or maybe he’s an alchemist… don’t have Fascination for him… and it’s not just him they all make me sick I just wondered how brain-dead masses follow these people…
            And for you somebody who must care about him … you think maybe he should be keeping better company than a two bit nasty doped-up trash whore …… Hell I’m not even religious I just call em like I see em

          • Katie

            No, you completely misunderstood me and I’m sorry for that. I actually don’t follow Jane’s Addiction or TRHCP. Yes, it tears at my heart that Dave lost his mother in such a violent and terrible way as a teenager, much in the same way it tears at my heart that Jerry Cantrell lost his grandmother and mother when he was just 21. That’s all. I’m a very Empathetic person and that will never change.

            If you’re not religious at all why does it bother you that (in your opinion) he’s a Satanist? Do you know that there are several types of practicing Satanists, and that some of them just believe in a hedonistic lifestyle?
            :::Wow – Rock Star, Hedonistic Lifestyle… Go Figure::: 🙂

            Now, I believe that as long as one is NOT HARMING anyone else… their Spirituality is theirs’ to Embrace. I don’t agree to the basic tenets of Satanism, but hey… it’s a free country.

            The reason I originally pounced was to point out that Spirituality has many faces, ok? Ask lots of questions before you pass judgment.

            That’s all I was trying to point out to you. I apologize that I wrote a small novella, but your comment dug into my side like a thorn and I reacted…


          • where are we

            The real problem here is the kids that follow these people have no idea what their real intentions are and basically it’s to convert them to the dark side … that is all… just pointing out what you think would be the obvious but unfortunately it’s not and it’s not just these guys who wear eyeliner and look all Gothic and dark it’s everybody from Beyonce to Justin Bieber to anybody else who’s in the mainstream they seem to all be promoting the six 666 lifestyle and nobody seems to see through this stuff… it’s just hard to see such mindless zombies that are taken by this stuff..

          • Katie

            Well… I’m almost 60 so I’m not a kid. I’m old as Dirt!!! heh

            But I completely agree with you. You know I looked up Dave N. on Belief.net and it states he is Agnostic, basically… it means he questions everything. But I understand what you are saying now. And I can feel how strong your convictions are.

            As a parent, I believe it is the responsibility of the parent to be involved in their children’s lives… ask and know who they listen to… who they hang out with when you’re not around, and give your parental input.

            My son is a phenomenal guitarist… loves all music but in his early 20’s he was all about Thrash Metal and Belphegor. He took great pleasure in telling me all about how their music was basically ancient prayers to raise Satan. I didn’t jump him immediately, ’cause he wanted that I’m sure (you know… defiance, rebellion…etc.).

            Later on (a few weeks later) I explained to him how dark and negative the music and lyrics were. I informed him that listening to that band might open a door which might never be closed. I explained that intent is everything – in life. Then he got it. He still listens to Thrash, but he gives deeply Satanic music a wide berth now.

            I’m glad we were able to iron things out. I’m sorry I called you a Fool.
            I understand now.

          • where are we

            Good luck with your son sounds like he’s a good kid. Luckily my kids are still young and the only music they know is what we play on all the instruments in the house

          • Katie

            Musical households are wonderful. Trust me – your kids will thank you later in life. He is a good kid. 🙂 But he’s 30 now and has children of his own, and I’m sure that had a lot to do with his shift in his tastes in music.

          • Olga Stewart

            Thank you for always being a voice of decency, intelligence, and class on here.

            I do really appreciate it.

            And we certainly could use more of it around here.

          • Katie

            That was a very sweet thing to say. Thank you Olga. 🙂

          • Olga Stewart

            You are most welcome, my dear. :).

  • sharkguitar

    Time to get a real job Dave. I hear Burger King is hiring.

  • Olga Stewart

    I wonder why that guy’s face has been blurred out (in the second photo)?

    • Katie

      Maybe he’s put some sort of block on Instagram so he won’t be tagged in a photo? I don’t even have a Facebook or an Instagram page so it’s just a guess… :::shrugs:::

      • Olga Stewart

        It looks more like Dave blurred the guy’s face out in the photo.

        But I could be wrong about that.

  • T. M.
    • Katie

      Although I’ve never understood the Suspension thing, he’s not hurting anyone, so more power to him. A lot of folks who do this say they go into a sort of Spiritual meditative state when they are suspended. I don’t know much about it so that’s all I’m going to say. 🙂