Tool New Album Recording Caught On Video: ‘He Didn’t Know I Was Filming’


Tool guitarist Adam Jones has released three new studio video clips of his guitar tech using his guitars and showing off some of the textures and sounds we may hear on the band’s long awaited new album. Jones wrote on his Instagram story, “#WorldsBestGuitarTech Tim didn’t know I was filming him.”

Watch the videos below.

A fan named Space Chimp recently tweeted Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan, “sooo any chance of us getting a release date soon? Next year’s pretty vague.”

Keenan responded, “April 1st.”

It appears that Maynard is being sarcastic. It’s unclear if he meant April 1, 2019 would be the new album release date, or the day the release date was announced. We’ll have to wait for him to release The Art of the Troll to know for sure.

Fans have feared that Maynard James Keenan’s statements regarding Tool’s new album delays could lead to some tension with the band in the studio as they record their new album, but according to a new Instagram posting from Adam Jones, everything is going great.

Jones wrote on Instagram, “Good vibes in the control room ??? @eviljoebarresi #Tool #recording #BlackPhillip.” In the post he tagged Joe Baressi, who is producing Tool’s new album.