Metallica Icon Reveals Disturbing Jason Newsted Photo


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich shared a photo of Jason Newsted looking miserable on his social media page. A Metallica member unloaded on an impersonator ripoff yesterday.

He wrote, “33 years ago today on Nov 8th 1986, we played our first show with Jason at the Country Club In Reseda, CA. Off we went on our adventures with the Newkid.. fuck yeah! #wanna #fbf.”

Ulrich also posted, “There are a coupla incredible way next level films out there that deserve attention and support and that I encourage you to check out… #HoneyBoy written by Shia LaBeouf and directed by Alma Har’el, is based on Shia’s own life as a young actor and his relationship with his father. Extremely raw, honest and unfiltered, it’s almost uncomfortable to watch. Shia portrays his own dad with daring honesty and is supported by two heartbreaking performances from Noah Jupe and Lucas Hedges as Shia himself at different stages of his youth. My fav film of the season so far, and absolutely one of the most emotional rides you will go on this year.”

A Metallica icon called out James Hetfield fraud a few days ago. Ulrich added, “#Parasite is this year’s Cannes Palme d’Or winner and offers a weirdly voyeuristic insight into the class structure and wealth disparity in today’s Korean society. Written and directed by Bong Joon-ho of The Host and Snowpiercer fame, it not only has edge, tension and cutting commentaries, it also has some of the biggest, roaringly laugh out loud funny moments of any movie in ’19.

#MarriageStory by Noah Baumbach, starring Adam Driver & Scarlett Johansson, tackles the subject of separation, divorce and child custody with brutal in your face honesty and gut-punching power that I’ve never seen before. Featuring a few unexpected exaggerations that provoke laughs in what is a hard to watch, emotionally draining process, Marriage Story is definitely Baumbach’s best film since The Squid & The Whale, and Driver as the Dad is insanely good.

#FORDvFERRARI is a thrilling, engaging ride that brings you through the story of how Carroll Shelby played by Matt Damon was encouraged by Henry Ford II to put a team together to take on the powerhouse Ferrari in the racing world of the mid-60s. Christian Bale plays his driver Ken Miles and the central vibe revolves around the bureaucracy and “suit” mentality of corporations versus the daring mavericks actually creating and driving these epic machines. Directed by James Mangold (who did Walk The Line), Ford v Ferrari is the fast, fluid, adrenalized popcorn movie that balances out the first three.” A Metallica member revealed recently that he got drunk at Disneyland.

Happy Film Party!”