Tool Offer Money To Fan In Emotional Photos


Tool are in the middle of embarking on their 2022 Fear Inoculum tour. However, like nearly everyone else – the band enjoys a tasty hot beverage. During a recent stop on the tour, Tool guitarist Adam Jones stopped at Amaretti Teas in San Antonio, Texas. The store had a pretty nifty ‘Tips 4 Tool’ tip jar set up by the barista – which conveniently enough, Jones noticed. Not only would Jones give her a tip – as pointed out on social media via Instagram, but the band also gave the barista free tickets to the band’s upcoming San Antonio tour date. The full pictures can be viewed below.

There was ‘difficulty’ for this Tool member before a recent show. Over on the ever-popular Tool subreddit members applauded the band’s gesture as one member, Googletube6 said: “The members of this band are incredibly nice. It’s such a refreshment after seeing so many other metal bands having elitist as fuck members.” Another user, sailordanisaur That’s so cool! What a sweet guy.

Tool are known to have many passionate fans, however, one fan during the most recent Tool concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma might have gone a step beyond, comparing the event to a religious experience. On the same Tool subreddit, user Falling isn’t Flying said the following:

The first 20 years of my life were spent deep into a cult-type family. I finally got out of it, discovered drugs and Tool, and made a better life for myself. Anyway, I bought tickets to see my favorite band and went to see them last night.

The user continued: “That was the one true religious experience I have had and I feel lucky to have experienced it. Danny was a fucking octopus on drugs, Adam was shredding, Justin was so precise and clean, and Maynard brings the powerful vocals. I hear this setlist was special compared to the last few years and I’m glad I got to see it. My only regret was only taking THC”

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