Tool Producer Praises ‘Bad’ Metallica Album


Tool producer Joe Barresi praised Metallica’s St. Anger in a new Dean Delrey interview.

The last three. I don’t give a fuck what people say, I think [2003’s] ‘St. Anger’ is fucking crazy, I think it’s totally aggressive, I think it’s punk-rock. It feels like anxiety! I can only listen to it one time throughout a day. If I’m going to listen to it, I can’t listen to a back-to-back because it’s so aggressive in its own way.

“That’s a classic case of a band that’s still growing too. You listen to [Metallica’s 1983 debut] ‘Kill ‘Em All’ and then you go to [1984’s] ‘Ride the Lightning,’ and then you get to [1986’s] ‘Master [of Puppets]’ – every record is changing.

“And then Greg doing this last record… He did a bunch of Slipknot records too. And it sounds like old-school Metallica again. It’s a little more robust and tight and focused but still sounds real.”

Oh, that ‘Spit Out the Bone’ song – wow!

“I still throw it up as references too when I’m mixing and stuff. I’m like, ‘What does this sound like?’ It’s aggressive and competitive, it sounds killer. It sounds killer – so whatever he’s doing, it sounds great.

“I’d listen to some of my stuff on Sirius and give a shit. I gotta shave off some bottom end or something. It’s a little muddy.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his remarks.