Tool React To Heartbreaking Death In Studio


Tool guitarist Adam Jones has uploaded a video clip of himself listening to an Aretha Franklin record in studio with a photo of her in reaction to her death. It appears to be in studio, but it could be at home. Tool have been in the studio recording their new album since earlier this year, though Maynard James Keenan has yet to record his parts as he is waiting for Adam Jones to finish with his guitar tracking. You can view Jones’ tribute post below.

The Tool Reddit page points out that Prince has released 35 records since 10,000 Days was released in 2006, and Prince has been dead for over two years. Prince released 12 albums between 2006-2016, and 23 new album were released today.

One fan pointed out that Buckethead may have Prince beat, but we won’t even begin to try to do the math on that one.

Adam Jones recently shared a new studio photo, and he is still not done recording his parts following Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor reportedly finishing their tracking.

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