Greta Van Fleet Rumored New 2020 Album Leaks


Greta Van Fleet are set to release a new album in 2020, and a rumored tracklisting has leaked on Reddit. Greta Van Fleet discussed a dead Led Zeppelin member last week.

mattszerlag posted, “The logo is off center, the text is misaligned. Could be real, could be fake. Either way ‘Saturn on a Saturday’ is the dumbest name for a song I’ve ever heard.”

Catchinglooks commented, “I just tried to find the post on the GVF army page and can’t…wondering if it was deleted because it was fake? also not seeing anything on instagram, and usually the fan accounts are all over this stuff. the song names (aside from the ones we know) almost sound like a parody.”

Professional_cry said, “100% fake. Spelling and formatting errors galore, not to mention that anything they’ve sent to fans has been handwritten and never autographed.”

Elblenko99 chimed in, “Looks legit. Hope it is. Songs sound interesting.” TheFloydExperience shot back, “Looks easy to Photoshop together too.”

Dicebert wrote, “Honestly they really need to give us something about the album. The name. The album cover. Some names. F**KING SOMETHING! It’s bad enough that they told us it’d be released in 2019 but then postponed it. It better be before March or I’m gonna flip.”

Anna_marie_rogue posted, “This was floating around GVF twitter like, a month and a half ago. I don’t know if that means it’s real or fake but yeah. The names are really dumb.”

Below is Greta Van Fleet’s “Black Flag Exposition” debuted live. A Greta Van Fleet member admitted to ‘messing up’ a performance a couple of weeks ago.

New Album list. Hope this is real because I’m super stoked. from r/gretavanfleet