Tool Release Bizarre Studio Photo: ‘WTF’


Tool producer Joe Barresi has shared a new photo on Instagram of alien distortion pedals in the studio connected to an apple. Guitarist Adam Jones is definitely working on something interesting!

arnilious commented, “Apple Jones.”

tomabrigan commented, “Wtf?!? Hahaha.”

aaronharris23 commented, “Honeycrisp?”

joel_woolf commented, “I reckon the vintage apples are better.”

j_alderete commented, “Wtf???”

seattlesuburbanaight commented, “Where’s the ‘Pussy Melter’?”

angelopalazzo commented, “Ogre from Skinny Puppy?”

theoaronson commented, “Wtf?! And what are those alien faces?”

New apple distortion box rules!

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Fans have feared that Maynard James Keenan’s statements regarding Tool’s new album delays could lead to some tension with the band in the studio as they record their new album, but according to a new Instagram posting from Adam Jones, everything is going great.

Jones wrote on Instagram, “Good vibes in the control room ??? @eviljoebarresi #Tool #recording #BlackPhillip.” In the post he tagged Joe Baressi, who is producing Tool’s new album.

Baressi has shared photos from the studio, including a photo of pedals. He wrote on Instagram, “Some insane sounds happening with this rig today.”

Baressi also shared a photo of a studio bed, seemingly for a dog, unless Maynard, Justin, Adam, or Danny are tired enough to want to use it!

“New studio bed. Thanks guys!”

View the photos below.

~ Good vibes in the control room ??? @eviljoebarresi #Tool #recording #BlackPhillip

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Some insane sounds happening with this rig today.

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New studio bed. Thanks guys!

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