Trent Reznor Mourns Rock Icon By Listening To Nine Inch Nails Album


Trent Reznor recently made a post on Instagram describing listening to Nine Inch Nails’ album The Fragile as he continues to mourn the death of his friend Vinnie Paul, the legendary drummer of Pantera.

Reznor wrote on Instagram, “Lost in my head listening to The Fragile and missing my friend Vinnie.”

NME praised Nine Inch Nails’ recent Mad Cool Festival performance.

“If there were any lingering hangovers as Mad Cool 2018 came to a close, Nine Inch Nails made it their task to blast them away. Closing out the weekend’s final evening, Trent Reznor and co. brought a career-spanning set of their heavy-as-hell industrial rock and a stage set-up comprised of blinding white lights to the festival’s main stage, delivering one of its most punishing appearances in the process.

Led by the incomparable Reznor, all hulking muscle and howled vocals, NIN’s appearance was surely a festival season highlight.

‘Somewhat Damaged’ and the surprisingly low-key ‘The Day The World Went Away’ opened proceedings in gloomy, captivating fashion.

Crafting an unnerving atmosphere through their swirling electronics and stabs of blinding white light, their set was impossible to turn away from.”

Lost in my head listening to The Fragile and missing my friend Vinnie

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