Pearl Jam List Of 2020 North American Concerts Leaks


Pearl Jam are rumored to tour North America next summer, and the some rumored tour cities are now leaking on the official Ten Club board, where most of the summer 2020 European tour leaked prior to its recent announcement.

Christianjohnson posted, “I know this sounds dumb, but I swear I am not making it up. A friend of a friend knows the booking agent for the American Airlines Center in Dallas. They said Pearl Jam had a hold on a date (not sure when, not sure if it is still valid).

They played the same venue in 2013 and it was a phenomenal show (way better than most lame ass Dallas crowds). Ed commented he had family and friends in town for the show, Carrie Brownstein and St. Vincent came out to sing RITFW, there was an Andy Wood tribute.

Would not surprise me if they came back down here and possibly Austin or Houston. Also, everyone know Texas BBQ is superior to all others.”

Pearl Jam’s ‘imminent’ United States tour plan just leaked. Insider Dimitrispearljam was asked if Atlanta have a show booked, and he said a state over. JDime20 then asked, “Dimi, that leaves Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. This supports a few rumors/hopes. Memphis BBQ, Nashville arena hold, and a Raleigh makeup. Can we expect any of these 3?” Dimitrispearl jam responded, “Yes.” He later hinted at a Pittsburgh show.

Pearl Jam’s ridiculous 2020 tour ticket prices were revealed earlier this week. Bbiggs said, “Current rumor list. Are we missing anything? Let’s keep this ongoing.

1. TN show (Nashville or Memphis)
2. Toronto show(s)
3. Canada shows within driving distance of Toronto
4. Southwest show(s)
5. Chicken and waffles
6. Fish and chips
7. Maple syrup
8. BBQ

7. Chicago (has to be Wrigley)
8. Your wallet is f***ed.”