Tool Secret New Release In 2022 Revealed To Fans?


Tool’s live visuals during the concert have the fans lose the minds with the amazing artwork. Now, Digital artist Dominic Hailstone recently dropped some hints regarding a potential official concert video of Tool down the road. In one of the exchange with a fan, Hailstone teased a an official concert film.

In one of Hailstone’s recent post on Instagram, a fan wrote: “Can you convince them to do an official concert video? As a visual artist you must appreciate the appetite for that.”

Hailstone then replied writing: “There should be one at some point.” 

Any fan who wants to capture some of the moments from the Tool’s performances would find themselves in trouble due to the Tool’s long-held policy of no phones and/or cameras flashing the stage, and the desire to have a photo of Maynard James Keenan providing Danny Carey with a Dildo to bang the gong with mid-performance.

The iconic Tool guitarist Adam Jones, who revealed how much money they spent, recently joined in for an interview with Metal Hammer when was asked whether the band was having trouble implementing their policy in recent years, where more and more people think of filming live shows as completely normal. The guitarist replied:

Yeah, I mean, for us, we’ve actually seen it changing and more and more big acts are asking their fans respectfully to enjoy the show, rather than looking at their camera the whole time. I think one of the problems is you get a lot of lights because people don’t know how to use their cameras correctly, which makes it very blinding onstage. It’s just…it’s that connection. You lose something without that connection, and you just want people to be in their own world rather than getting the whole show on their phone and then never looking at it again.

“It’s a big distraction. Have you ever been to a concert and you can’t see the show because the person in front of you is holding their phone up in front of the stage? It’s just kind of obnoxious. Just keep your phone in your pocket, enjoy the show and we’ll see you after and you can get back on it! (laughs) People need a break. I feel like [phones have] become an appendage, like part of our anatomy, you know?”

It was noted several days back that Tool embarked on the European leg of their 2022 Fear Inoculum tour, which began with an April 23 show at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark.