Tool Tease ‘WTF’ Special Guest On New Album In Video


Tool guitarist Adam Jones is experimenting with a new Pikachu synth as the band work on their first album in 13 years. Could we see the iconic Pokemon character appear on the album? We’ll have to wait and see, but Blastoise and Charizard apparently have interest in appearing on the next A Perfect Circle album.

Jones wrote about the Pikachu synth on Instagram, “~ yeah…wtf?⚡️ Messing with Barresi ‘s pikasynth @eviljoebarresi #pikachu #Pokemon.”

Meanwhile, Maynard James Keenan recently participated in a Vice Munchies article.

THE SONG: “Fireball (I Wish I Was a Spaceman),” by Barry Gray

Andy Myers: “Look, the wine is lovely and quite well made, but it’s still rosé. Loosen up. This song is the end credit theme to a goofy early-60s sci-fi marionette show called Fireball XL5. Like rosé, this song always makes me smile and do that silly little dance I do when no one is looking.”


Maynard James Keenan: “That little bit of spice? Absolutely. My friend actually did a Thai spice dish with the 2013 version of this rosé, almost like a papaya salad. The rosé was still alive and vibrant and paired perfectly with those spices; it was a pleasant surprise…. I think that song went perfectly with the nature of this rosé. My wife is an absolute bat-shit redneck, in a great way. She’s super fun, and this wine is named after her; it pairs as perfectly with her as it does with this wine.”