Jerry Cantrell Reacts To Bizarre Photo Of Himself, What’s Wrong With His Eye?


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently shared a bizarre photo of himself on Instagram. He wrote, “What’s up with my Marty Feldman eye? Final show of the American tour for 18 last night in Hollywood, Florida. Headed to Airport to fly to Santiago tonight. ??????”

Cantrell discussed returning to Seattle to record Rainier Fog in a recent Metal Hammer interview.

Jerry admits it was an “intentional reconnection” with their hometown, and it even had an effect on the band’s sole Seattle remainer, Sean Kinney.

“We did the last two records in LA, and I got fucking sick of being in LA for long periods of time,” he tells us, grinning at fellow jester Mike Inez. “It was great going back into the studio; we all had our own thoughts about how that would feel, but it was a cleansing thing to be back there. It was more of a healing type of deal.”

The title comes from Mount Rainier in Seattle – the highest volcano on the west coast of America. For Mike, it’s also like a love letter to the region. “It’s geographical, but it’s more of a feeling,” he says, gleefully. “It’s a magical place for me. It does have that dour, foggy feel to it, most of the year, but when we were doing this record it was just fantastic weather every night in a great, thriving city.”