Tool Working On New Music After ‘Fear Inoculum’


Tool are working on a mysterious new project, Peter Grenader has confirmed. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments talking to a fan.

The fan asked, “Are you working with Danny Carey at the moment, if I may ask?”

Peter responded, “Yup! Was just over there last week, going to be back this week. Working on a couple of projects with him currently.

One is directly TOOL related, so I can’t speak about publicly and the other is getting two ‘e’ series Buchla synth modules integrated into his vintage Buchla 200 (before the E series), with an additional power supply required to do that right.

Of course there is also our ongoing project we’ve been working on together for years – determing if elves are real without the aid of liquor.”

Tool released their long awaited new album Fear Inoculum in August 2019, and they toured promoting the album until March 2020, when the pandemic prematurely ended the tour.

Tool have no plans to make up any of their canceled 2020 tour dates, which is a big disappointment to fans after the long 13-year wait for Fear Inoculum and a tour actually featuring new music. Maynard James Keenan released a new Puscifer album called Existential Reckoning last month.