Top 10 Adorable Chris Cornell Family Moments


Today would have been Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday. In honor of his birthday, Alternative Nation is honoring ten of the most adorable moments Chris Cornell had with his children Lily (17), Toni (12), and Christopher (11) on and off stage. While we as fans have been mourning the loss of Chris as an artist, to them he was simply Dad.

While there are important conversations to have about what we can learn from Chris’ tragic death, the people online who take these conversations too far down the rabbit hole need to think of Chris’ kids and moderate their tone. Rest in peace Chris.

The Birth of Lily

Chris Cornell’s first daughter Lily was born on June 28, 2000.

Toni And Chris Perform “Redemption Song”

In fall 2015 on the Higher Truth tour, Chris’ daughter Toni joined him onstage for an incredible cover of “Redemption Song.” Toni’s performance was praised by fans, leading many to wonder when she will follow her father’s footsteps and launch her own musical career.

Chris Introduces Son Onstage

Chris introduced his son Christopher Jr. on stage in May 2007 in one of his first of many on stage appearances at his Dad’s solo shows.

Chris Sings “Hunger Strike” To Chris Jr. And Toni

Chris sang “Hunger Strike” to his children Chris Jr. and Toni onstage in Seattle in October 2007. Chris brought the kids onstage for “Hunger Strike” on other occasions as well during his late 2000’s solo touring run.

Chris Interviews Toni

On the red carpet at an event, Chris conducted a funny interview with baby Toni.

El mensaje emotivo de Lily Cornell a su papá. Hace un rato compartimos el mensaje emotivo que le dedicó Toni Cornell a su papá. Ahora, no queremos pasar inadvertido el mensaje emotivo que escribió, en el día del padre, Lily Cornell. Lily: "Papá: Hace algunos veranos estábamos paseando en bicicleta por Central Park cuando me dijiste que no hay muchas personas realmente buenas en el mundo, pero que yo era una de ellas. Siempre tuviste tanta confianza y orgullo en lo que yo hacía, y tu calor y amor me inspiraron a dar lo mejor de mi. Ahora, más que nunca, quiero vivir mi vida ayudando a otros como tú lo hiciste. Quiero seguir haciéndote orgulloso. Toni, C (Christopher) y yo prometemos sobrevivir, perseverar y seguir adelante, como siempre lo hemos hecho. Estoy tan orgullosa de ser tu bebé. Te amo más de lo que las palabras pueden expresar, y te extrañaré por siempre. Tu chinita, Lily". . . . #Rockwheels #ChrisCornell #LilyCornell

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Lily Joins Chris On Stage

While Lily attended many of her father’s shows, she rarely made onstage appearances, but fortunately a photo of her joining her Dad with a camera in hand from a few years ago is available online!

Chris Tries To Impress Kids Onstage, Fails

In an adorable video, Chris tries to impress his kids Toni and Chris Jr. by doing a mic stand trick on stage. He fails in hilarious fashion!

Chris Covers “Thank You” With Son Onstage

Chris Jr. joined his father for a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You” onstage in New York in April 2011. Chris Jr. played air guitar, while his father performed the song.

Chris Holds Toni While Son Plays With Drum Sticks During “Billie Jean”

Toni and Chris Jr. joined their father onstage in May 2009 at the Wiltern in Los Angeles for a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” Chris Jr. ferociously played with the drum sticks during their performance in a cute video you can watch above.

Lily Dresses Like Dad For Temple of the Dog

Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily dressed up just like her Dad to attend a Temple of the Dog show in the fall. You can view a photo above, and a video Lily filmed at a Temple show below.

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