Top 10 Candidates To Replace Cliff Williams As AC/DC’s Bassist


With Cliff Williams announcing his intentions to retire after AC/DC conclude their Rock or Bust tour, the band will be looking for a new bassist if Angus Young chooses to carry on like he has without Malcolm Young, Phil Rudd, and Brian Johnson. This list is a fantasy list and not based on any rumors, and isn’t in any particular order, though some of the more realistic options are ranked higher.


10. Geezer Butler

Butler’s schedule will clear up after Black Sabbath’s farewell tour, but one has to wonder if he will want to continue touring for years to come with AC/DC at his age and after years of touring with Black Sabbath.


9. Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee’s schedule is clear with Rush now going into semi-retirement, but like Butler, he is getting up there in age and may want to rest after decades on the road.


8. Dave Grohl

Why not? Grohl could contribute great backing vocals, he plays every instrument including bass, and would turn AC/DC into an all star band with members of bands that defined multiple generations.


7. Tommy Stinson

The former Guns N’ Roses and Replacements bassist is still tight with Axl Rose despite his GNR exit, and playing bass with AC/DC would be the perfect opportunity to reunite and keep Axl enthusiastic about the AC/DC gig.

6. Michael Anthony

Van Halen’s former bassist no longer has Chickenfoot with that band on hiatus, and Anthony’s enthusiastic live presence would fit well with the always active Angus Young and Axl Rose. Anthony is also known for his great backing vocals.


5. Krist Novoselic

Novoselic has not done heavy touring since Nirvana disbanded in 1994 following Kurt Cobain’s suicide. Since then Novoselic has done some side projects like Eyes Adrift, select guest appearances with Foo Fighters, and a few reunions with Nirvana’s surviving members over the last few years.


4. Jason Newsted

Metallica’s former bassist could be back in the spotlight after 15 years by joining AC/DC.


3. Robert DeLeo

Stone Temple Pilots’ singer search seems to definitely be taking a lot of time, which is evident by bassist Robert DeLeo currently touring with Hollywood Vampires and spending significant time on side project Delta Deep. DeLeo could finally receive the recognition he deserves as AC/DC’s bassist.


2. John Paul Jones

Led Zeppelin’s iconic bassist rocked with Them Crooked Vultures 7 years ago, and joining AC/DC would be a way for John Paul Jones to be playing the high profile gigs a legend of his stature should be playing while he still can.


1. Duff McKagan

A clear choice since AC/DC only tour when Guns N’ Roses isn’t due to Axl Rose’s current role as frontman of both bands. Perhaps an AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses co-headlining tour with Axl and Duff in both bands?