Top 10 Underrated Audioslave Songs


Audioslave had a vast array of singles. You can make the argument, their songs offered some of Cornell’s catchiest lyrics. Hits such as “Like a Stone,” “Cochise,” “I am the Highway,” “Be Yourself,” and “Original Fire” hold a prominent place in the legacy of the band. They continue to grace the rock airwaves today. But if you dig deeper into their three album catalog, you will find some real gems that should not be overlooked.

In the spirit of Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk playing music together again and as a part-two of our Audioslave week, here are ten other killer Audioslave songs.

“Getaway Car”
Love the music in this song. Along with “Like a Stone,” we are introduced to a less is more style from Morello on Audislave’s debut. A few graceful and meticulously placed notes or chords for the intense lyrics to surf atop.

“Last Remaining Light”
The last track of their self-titled debut record. It has a weary and vulnerable first half before the door gets kicked down in a “I can’t take this anymore” spirit. Bye door.

“Heaven’s Dead”
A dark-toned title with beautiful lyrics. Overall, it’s a pleasantly moody song that was first played live at Audioslave’s epic show in Cuba.

The sweet opening guitar riff sets the tone for the sweet father-daughter theme of the song. As a father to a young daughter, this melody is a great snapshot of the soft spot for Daddy’s little girl. “Little dandelion, let your heart keep time.” You also own mine.

#1 Zero
“Just when you think you left me blind. I will be creeping right up behind. Cause if I need to, I will keep you in the corner of my eye.” Wow.

“The Curse”
This song puts a bow on Out of Exile. A record that’s largely about making yourself right, hence the title, ends with a promise – “Even at my worse. I will be your luck, never be your curse.”

“Until We Fall”
A big chorus. What makes you tick? Spread the wings upon your back.

“Wide Awake”
A song Cornell has taken with him on his solo tours, this a rare political angle for Audioslave, voicing frustration over how the powers to be handled Hurricane Katrina.

“Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye”
Cornell delivers a great story of finding yourself via a lost dog, rescued out of the rain analogy. It’s about appreciating the light at the end of tunnel after pushing past obstacles out of the way. Quite simply, sometimes there is nothing left to say but goodbye. Somehow, it’s the decision to do so that’s both the hardest and happiest part.

Morello has a magical ability to have his guitar riffs bring you to the setting of the song. They can match the emotion of the story-line or action taking place. This is a perfect example. Morello and Commerford’s subtle intro into the blast-off actually has that scorching campfire vibe. It complements the Cornell analogy of a moth no longer getting attracted to the burning light of a fire.

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