Top 10 Metal Albums of 1997


1997 is known as the year in music history known for kick starting cheesy boy bands and pop music that was basically Full House in musical form. That year also had tons of great metal though. Here in no order are the best metal albums from that year

Bruce DickinsonAccident of Birth

The first 3 Bruce Dickinson solo albums were all pretty damn bad and made fans long for a return to Maiden. That was until Accident of Birth was released. This album featured Adrian Smith on guitar and features some killer tracks such as The Tower and Man of Sorrows.

Gates of IshtarThe Dawn of Flames

While In Flames Whoracle may be a great album, this underrated gem takes the cake for melodeath album of that year. The dark, black metalish feel and thoughtful use of keyboards make this a true hidden gem in the genre.

Vital RemainsForever Underground

This third outing by death metal legends, Vital Remains, is the first to feature iconic guitarist, Dave Suzuki who would showcase his signature guitar style here. This along with Dechristianize are easily the band’s best albums.

Symphony XThe Divine Wings of Tragedy

Hailing from New Jersey, Symphony X are one of the biggest prog metal bands around and this is the album that put them on the map. Featuring amazing guitarwork from Michael Romeo and awesome tracks like Sea of Lies, this is by far the band’s best work.

Deicide – Serpents of the Light

Considered by many to be the last classic Deicide album, Serpents contains some of Glen’s best vocals to date. This album is right up there with their self titled and Legion.


Industrial metal band Raammstein has always been one of the biggest modern metal acts and it’s easy to see why. This album contains some of their catchiest songs including Engel and Du Hast as well as loads of killer riffs.

EmperorAnthems to the Welken at Dusk

On their debut, Into the Nightside’s Eclipse, Emperor showed us that black metal didn’t always need to be minimalist. They show this even more here on their sophomore effort. The progressive elements and use of keyboards were turned up to compliment their sound rather than lessen its power.

Electric Wizard – Come My Fanatics

On Electric Wizard’s self titled debut, they were a Sabbath worshiping doom. On this sophomore effort the band brings us the slow,heavy, sludgey stoner doom the band would be known and loved for.

UlverNattens madrigal .

This third helping is both the band’s best album and their last album as a black metal band as they would play electronic music on later albums. A concept album about wolves and the dark side of mankind. This album abandons most of the acoustic sound of the previous album, this one goes for a more raw black metal style and is some of the best Norway has ever produced.

Strapping Young Lad – City

Back in 1993, Strapping Young Lad put out their debut which vocalist/ main songwriter, Devin Townsend wasn’t pleased with. Cut to 4 years later with a new lineup that includes drum legend Gene Holgan. This album has it all, thrashy riffs,heavy as all hell drums, industrial overtones, progressive elements, diverse vocals and great humorous lyrics. While these albums are not in order, this one is without a doubt the best metal album of 1997. For more Devin goodness from 1997, check out his solo album Ocean Machine.