Ringo Starr Spotted With Paul McCartney Daughter


A new photo of Ringo Starr with The Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney’s lovely daughters Stella and Marry from last night has been revealed. Paul McCartney said, “Paul, family and friends at the @LindaMcCartney #ThePolaroidDiaries launch last night at @vamuseum #PaulMcCartney #LindaMcCartney #MaryMcCartney #StellaMcCartney #RingoStarr #BarbaraBach @Taschen.” McCartney recently discussed on his website why his shelved a major potential album. Paul McCartney’s late wife smoking with a rock icon was recently revealed.

A couple of months ago during the ‘Paul Is Live’ Q&A series. Paul explained that there are thousands of recordings taken from improvised jams during soundchecks that may or may not be used one day… This prompted many of you to get in touch to find out if any of these might be released in the near future. Unfortunately, we have no answers for you yet – however we can finally shed some light on a similar question… Paul McCartney taking a photo with Michael Jackson’s daughter was recently revealed.

Back in the 70s there was a rumour you were working on an album called ‘Cold Cuts’ made up of unreleased outtakes. If this is true will you release ‘Cold Cuts’ in the near future?

Paul: The original idea was based around a title I came up with and quite liked which was Hot Hitz and Cold Cuts. I thought it would be great, you just put all your top hits on it and then some “cold cuts”. But actually when I mentioned it to my record label at the time, they didn’t like the idea of the cold cuts, they wanted everything to be hits, hits, hits! So they didn’t particularly go for that idea. But what has happened over the years is many of those cold cuts – which are B-sides and unknown tracks – have been released in our remastered Archive Collection series…Paul McCartney savagely turning down a famous actor was recently revealed.