Trent Reznor Reacts To Nine Inch Nails Song He Wrote When He Wanted To Die


WARP recently interviewed Trent Reznor, and they brought up a Nine Inch Nails song he wrote when he wanted to die.

The first question is the most obvious (or at least it is for me): Trent, how did you convince Atticus to join the band full time (in the studio and live)?

Trent Reznor: “I cheated on him! … No, we worked together on Nine Inch Nails from the dosmiles, he’s been the other half, that’s how we started composing for films and working on various things, so I thought it would be a good idea to have him in the stage, playing with the band. He knew it was very important that he had the recognition he deserves, he is the other half of Nine Inch Nails. I asked him, I told him that artistically we could have the whole project on stage and the fans would enjoy it. We started playing, first a show, then the second and third and so far it has worked quite well. ”

A few years ago, during the Wave Goodbye Tour, in 2009, you took a moment on stage to talk about ‘La Mer’ and you mentioned that in composing that song you were going through a moment in which you wanted to die. At this moment is there a song that takes you to a point so uncomfortable that you avoid playing?

TR: “No, not at that level. When we do a live show we choose the songs that seem relevant to us in a democratic way, those that we are excited to play live, we work and rehearse, we only leave out those that we feel do not represent us anymore. We want things to feel authentic, something more legitimate. Throughout the years there are songs that I no longer have so much in mind, simply because they no longer make sense to me. “