TWIN PEAKS – Recent News and More! (June 25, 2016)


We are proud to present the latest installment of “Twin Peaks” Thought of the Day (from Obnoxious and Anonymous), with new guest and long-time lover of the show Debbie from Scotland. She writes the following about Twin Peaks:

“It’s the love of my lifetime, alive and kicking for 26 years. I used to subscribe to a magazine called TV Hits way back then and remember seeing the tiniest wee column about ‘the weirdest soap ever’ hitting BBC2. Intrigued from the outset and obsessed from the first episode I faithfully tuned in every Tuesday on my tiny portable TV, recording it on the family VCR to watch later in the week on a bigger screen and happily watching for a third time on the Saturday night repeat. Writing letters after every show (no internet then) to my cousin (only other crazy fan I knew) about what it all meant. Followed by spending every teenage penny I had to buy the VHS set over the next couple years. Loving my European pilot VHS with the James Hurley moody cover! Obsessing over the diary and Agent Coopers tapes in print. Then as a student basically forcing flat mates to watch it resulting in cherry pie parties! Harassing staff at book shops to find TP related books (again pre Internet) like Critical Approaches. Trying to squeeze TP into my gothic literature masters. From VHS to DVD, DVD to TP Gold, TP Gold to Blu Ray, cassette soundtrack to CD, CD to iTunes. And here we are. All I can say is it must be damn special.”

Damn special! That’s Twin Peaks in a nutshell.

In today’s episode, Cameron and James of Obnoxious and Anonymous weigh in with their usual mix of sincere appreciation for the show and acerbic humour. The sort of humour you can only develop after having a faithful devotion to a work of art which has been derided and sometimes mocked as much as it has been highly praised.

Focusing on the French synopsis of Mark Frost’s forthcoming Secret History of Twin Peaks, discussion centres on who has collected the dossier of files covered by the book. Speculation moves to the subject of Cooper’s faithful ‘Diane’ and who she really might be. Has Agent Cooper literally been missing for twenty-five years and how will this effect the start of the new season?

Also discussed, the still curious nature of Robert Forster’s casting as a possibly new Sheriff in town. Or, is he playing Truman and replacing fan-favourite Michael Ontkean? Many have speculated that the casting revelations so far are something of a red herring, but only time will tell. The most recent Forster interview has not confirmed that he is stepping into Truman’s shoes specifically. The layers of mystery keep unfolding…

On that matter, we further ponder what James Hurley has gotten into after returning from San Francisco. Such matters may be clouded in secrecy for now, but that doesn’t stop dreams of Hurley opening up his own go-go dancing bar in Twin Peaks, amidst the Sycamore Trees…